Pantograph Heaters

Cutting edge heating solutions that keep people moving.

Pantograph trains are outfitted with an articulating arm that uses a metalized carbon strip at its terminal end to transfer power from overhead lines to the train. During in climate conditions, the buildup of ice and snow on carbon strips can weigh down the unit and ultimately cause a separation of the arm from the power lines. The three main challenges of implementing a thermal solution for this application are high voltages, vibration, and liquid resistance.

To solve these issues, Thermo developed a line of pantograph heaters that utilize a proprietary winding design, allowing the heater to withstand voltages in excess of 1500VDC. The elements are hermetically-sealed using high-quality materials and field-proven fabrication processes and supplemented with an innovative collapsible tube for ease of installation and strong securement.  Thermo’s pantograph heaters are the ultimate solution for keeping pantograph trains moving.